Denny Crane's High-priced Civil Litigators

Don’t ever – ever – equate legal ethics with morality

Boston Legal: Team Denny Crane
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"Boston Legal" starring James Spader, William Shatner, Mark Valley, Rhona Mitra & Lake Bell
~ The Eminent Domain of Crane, Poole & Schmidt ~
It may well be the right of our Crane, Poole & Schmidt clients, and those that observe us, to take our private legal practice here in Boston a publicly viewable venue. However, we stand on our Fifth Amendment right, granted by the Constitution of the United States, that just compensation be made. Yes, walk through our lobby. Sure, settle in to our Villa Foscari Italian leather ottagona and be bemused by our quirky staff. But, by all means, deposit an entrance fee with the receptionist. We are, after all, high-priced civil litigators in an upscale Boston law firm and Pro Bono is not on our letterhead.</p>

Brad Chase: "I outrank you" ~~~ Alan Shore: "And I'm such a slut for authority!"

William Shatner is "Denny Crane"James Spader as "Alan Shore"Mark Valley is "Brad Chase"Rhona Mitra is "Tara Wilson"Monica Potter is "Lori Colsen"Julie Bowen is "Denise Bauer"Candice Bergin is "Shirley Schmidt"